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Corporate Facts

At doubleprecision software we turn big ideas into software that works — seamlessly from start to finish. Our dedicated team, including ex-FAANG talent, provides comprehensive services that cover development, testing, design, and maintenance, ensuring every project exceeds expectations

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years in overall development 

Full range of services including back-end and front-end

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years of average client partnership

Long-term partnerships lasting on average three years

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successfully delivered projects

Covers various industries and markets

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senior specialist in the team

The majority of the team consists of highly qualified specialists at the senior level and above


we use

Custom SoftWare Development

Web Applications

Custom SoftWare Development

Mobile (Cross-platform) Applications

Custom SoftWare Development

Cloud Applications

SoftWare Testing

QA processes set up and support

SoftWare Testing

Automation Testing

SoftWare Testing

Manual Testing

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Graphic Design

UI/UX Design

3D Modeling, Animation, Simulation & Rendering


Expertise Across Diverse Industries

At doubleprecision software, we have extensive expertise in various industries and domains.
Our areas of specialization include:

Mining (Geology)


We have experience working with mining companies, providing software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industry. Our expertise in geology-related software development helps streamline processes, optimize resource management, and improve overall efficiency.



We understand the complexities of the hospitality industry and have worked with hotels and resorts to develop custom software solutions. From reservation management systems to guest experience platforms, we help businesses in the hospitality sector enhance their operations and deliver exceptional customer service.

MVP Development for Startups

At doubleprecision software, we specialize in turning startup ideas into market-tested products through our MVP development services. Our approach focuses on rapid deployment and essential feature integration to facilitate early market entry and feedback. Our team’s extensive experience ensures that each MVP is robust and scalable, supporting startups from initial concept through to market readiness.


Our Selected Projects


Engagement Models

We offer services to our clients based on several engagement models that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You canselect one of available models or combine them. We are ready to help by choosing a best matching model for you.

Business Models

Fixed Price

We offer innovative software solutions at a fixed price that is based on the detailed specifications of the project.

Time And Material (T&M)

T&M pricing involves rates for flexible procedures and agile project execution. This model is suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements.

Operational Models

Outsourcing Managed Delivery

We offer not only an experienced team capable of providing services but also managed delivery to ensure end-to-end fulfillment of all services.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated offshore team is offered as an extension to your own infrastructure with the full support and access to all resources and facilities.

Security Policy We Follow

Protecting assets from accidental or intentional alteration, disclosure or destruction

Maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of information

Ensuring the process of automated data processing

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What services does DoublePrecision Software offer?

DoublePrecision Software offers custom software development, web and mobile applications, cloud applications, software testing (automation and manual), UI/UX design, and 3D modeling, animation, and simulation.

What industries does DoublePrecision Software specialize in?

We specialize in mining (geology), hospitality, and MVP development for startups.

What technologies do you use?

We use a variety of technologies including .NET, C#, SQL, ReactJS, NodeJS, TypeScript, Material-UI, and more.

What engagement models do you offer?

We offer fixed price, time and material (T&M), outsourcing managed delivery, and dedicated team models.

How experienced is your team?

Our team consists mainly of senior specialists with extensive experience in software development and design.


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